Sage advice, Coveted title, Little wins

Get off GS. Considering the time and energy I’m spending on something that’s not helping me grow… that goes down as the best advice I’ve heard.

Was told that my photographs made me a “storyteller”. Can’t believe that this much coveted title is finally mine ๐Ÿ™‚

Tiny things that kept going right. Tech issues, choosing the light, being hopeful. I’m so glad I chose to be Catholic.

One thought on “Sage advice, Coveted title, Little wins

  1. First conference I had visited in a long time. At arrival I found out that my registration never made it but I was lucky to get a seat.

    It is gorgeous to have a direct train connection in less then 4 hours and withou any delay …

    Finished a wonderful books and started another which I hadnโ€™t read for 20 years… love it.

    Mentoring my BFF and told her that I feel sheโ€™s a storyteller and shall focus on this

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